Sunday, December 26, 2010

Warrior of the Woodlands

I call John our "Warrior of the Woodlands" because he has always enjoyed the adventure of breaking new trails to scenic places. Each year he has to reclear the dog sled trails of downed trees or growing brush. Recently he found a new path to a gorgeous overlook on Indian Lake to which we all snowshoed. Breathtaking is the word to describe the snow and ice covered trees and the jack pine woods. I had a few mishaps, falling to the side of the trail. But not to worry. Our strong and handsome son, Jonathan was there to lift his mother back up. It sure has been fun to have Jonathan and his wife Reseth home for Christmas. It was quite a surprise. Jonathan has been in Officer Training School in Montgomery, Alabama since the beginning of November, so we didn't expect to see them this Christmas. He will return for another month and a half of training in January. Cherish is up from Ely,MN and will be with us for two weeks. So, the two sisters are having a grand time together too. Of course, John and I are thrilled to have everyone home for Christmas. And what a beautiful one it has been!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

My oh my oh my, have we got the snow!!! John and Joanna can hardly keep up to the snowplowing and the shoveling to be done around our house and in the dog yard. John has already plowed five times this year and December has just begun. Just to give you an idea how far ahead we are from last year, he only plowed four times all year last year.

We also pack miles and miles of trails for Joanna to train the dogs for races and for dog sled trips for our guests. So, the snowmobile is getting a work out too. The other day I rode with John on the snowmobile to pack a trail and we found a beautiful vista overlooking neighboring Mamieguess Lake. The second picture above is what we saw.

Joanna has to come up with creative ways to wear out her active new Irish Setter puppy, so she hooked her up with Sabre to a little sled and away she went. I think Sabre was the powerhouse of the team, but at least little Saga got some pent up energy expelled. An exercised dog is a well behaved dog they say.

I do love the winter wonderland in which we live. Just looking out our front windows at the glistening snow resting on evergreen limbs, sparkling on the river and neatly covering the ground with its fresh whiteness brings peace and joy to my soul. We don't run the generators during the day in winter, but run on our solar power. So, that adds to the restful silence of our surroundings. We wish more people could come away and enjoy the benefits of this time of year with us.

Monday, November 29, 2010

My Getaway

Once the summer fishing and fall hunting seasons are over, and we have feverishly hurried to do all renovations we can before the cold temps set in and to prepare for winter, we breathe a sigh of relief and kick back a bit. It's a great time for me to fly away to the south and visit my dear parents and as many siblings, (including their families), as possible. By south, I mean specifically North Carolina. Franklin is a gorgeous setting, nestled in the Great Smokey Mountains and not far from Ashville. I have one sister who lives there, a brother who lives about two hours south of there in Georgia and a brother and sister in central Florida.

It definitely extended my fall season with temperatures hitting as high as 70 degrees. My mother made me lie on a lawn chair to soak up some rays so I'd come back with a tan. I don't think I accomplished that, but I was happy to comply. My parents are doing quite well and we had lots of fun and laughter when everyone was together, playing games and telling stories, eating out and visiting different places of interest. Of course, our family has always been like that. To be free of my usual responsibilities and enter into their world for a few weeks was mighty refreshing.

I also had a fantastic time briefly visiting our previous hometown of Ely, where our daughter, Cherish still lives. We made many life-time friends there and it fulfilled my need for socialization to meet up with different girlfriends and "catch up" on each others lives. Relationships are the most precious gift to us on earth. It amazes me how I won't see some of them for quite a long time, but the moment we are together, it was like we never were apart. Kindred spirits, I guess you'd say.

And of course, it is always good to be back home again , jiggety jig, into the welcoming arms of John and Joanna.

Pictures Above
1st- Parents home in Franklin, NC; 2nd- Mom,Dad and Kathy(a childhood friend)
3rd-Brother Rick, Mom and one of my brother's daughters, Mary; 4th-my sister, Wendy

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fond Memories

I was recently looking at some pictures our guests have given us of their vacation here at Agimac River Outfitters. One reason we like what we are doing is that we enjoy watching our guests enjoy themselves. To feel the excitement in their voices as they share their experiences hooking different species of fish in the lakes around us is wonderfully fulfilling. To hear the wonder in their hearts from capturing an awesome sunset scene or the rare opportunity of seeing a moose swim across the lake in front of their boats, gives us great pleasure.

Most of our guests come from busy, noisy,crowded cities to this atmosphere where the silence is almost deafening, and they so appreciate it. We all need to be able to go some place where we can hear ourselves think.... where we can just be quiet and enjoy the serenity of God's beautiful creation. We are happy to be able to provide such a place and we want each of our guests to know just how special they are to us.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Moose Hunting Season Is Here

We've been enjoying a mighty fine Indian summer these last couple of weeks. The temperatures have been nice and warm with beautiful clear blue skies. It presses us to get as much outdoor work done as possible because we know cool weather is sure to come soon.

Our camp is full of moose hunters now who are also finding a good grouse population. One group from Toronto came across a Cow Moose on their way up here that had been hit and killed by a vehicle. They were able to save the meat and use one of their tags on it. A few days later, Remo Stirpe of their group shot a cow. The group is pictured above with Remo holding the rifle. The warm weather has the moose hunters a bit concerned, not only because the moose don't move around as much with the warm weather, but also because they do not want the meat to spoil if they do shoot one.
Thankfully, the Shoprite grocery store in Ignace offers cooler space for a nominal fee to help out the hunters.

Monday, October 4, 2010

New Family Member

Joanna has worked with the Beauceron breed for quite a few years and we have really enjoyed both Shekinah, who is now deceased and Sabre, who is still with us at eight years old. They are very handsome,intelligent,faithful,protective,loving dogs and great companions to have way out here in the bush.

But Joanna has found that Sabre is slowing down a bit in his senior years and can't quite keep up to her on her frequent walks in the area. She has always had a fascination with Irish Setters ever since she read the story Big Red when she was young. The fun loving, playful, personality of the breed was attractive to her in addition to their form and rich, deep red color.

For over two years Joanna has been looking online for just the right breeder with blood lines from Germany and Norway which exhibited the original traits of the breed and not so much hair. The American Iris Setters seemed to be bred for more long hair for the show ring. She was astonished at how difficult it was to find what she was looking for. But she patiently waited till the right one came along.

She found a breeder in Germany that had a six month old female puppy whose name was
Saga. She seemed to fit the bill and Joanna and the breeder made arrangements to fly Saga all the way from Germany to Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was a long trip for a little dog to make, but Saga traveled well and we brought her home with excitement.

She has proven to be just what Joanna wanted- a loving, playful, happy puppy with lots of energy. Now Joanna is the one who is worn out from the walks.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More September Catches

I wish I could follow our guests around on Indian Lake and other lakes to see exactly how and where they fish. What excellent fishermen they are! It's fun to see the big fish they catch. And it pleases me that though they enjoy landing the monsters, they usually throw them back in the lake to produce more fish.

I'm just a novice, but I've learned so much from the different folks that stay here with us at camp. They kindly offer their advice and share their favorite baits and spots with us to help us do well when we fish. Joanna and I try to get out on the lake every now and then, but John hardly ever fishes. He sticks with his responsibilities in running and keeping up the camp and more often prefers to let Joanna and I go out to play.

Pictured here are some trophy walleye caught by Bill Phillipsen and Jim Drinkwater. Also, a nice string of walleyes displayed by Bill and Steve Hummel.
Can anyone figure out to which lake the road in the picture leads?
Clue- It is close to our camp.