Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fantastic Family Fun

From about the middle of August to the first week of September, all our children and grandchildren and even great Grandma came to Agimac camp for some family fun.  Originally Jonathan and Reseth were not planning to come because Reseth gave birth to Titus, our second grandson on July 7th. She thought she would need some recovery time since her first delivery with Aaron was extremely difficult.  But Titus surprised everyone and zoomed into this world in just a few hours.  Reseth felt so good that she decided a trip north to Canada would work out after all enabling us to see our new grandson.  We were absolutely delighted at the news. 

Even though we had a fairly cool and wet summer, when August rolled around the temps started to go up again and we had over a week of weather in the high 80's and low 90's.  This is just what our daughter Cherish was praying for.  She LOVES the heat especially for swimming and that is the only way we could cool off during that time since we don't have air conditioning. 

Jonathan, Cherish, Joanna and I took one of the fishing boats out by the rock of Gibralter and we jumped in to the clear, refreshing, perfectly calm lake.  I've rarely seen it so calm on Indian Lake.   We swam and swam to our heart's content, floating on our backs and looking up at the clear blue skies.   Jonathan commandeered the 35 h.p. motor, giving each of us a turn on the tube.  Even little Aaron took a ride with Reseth and wasn't a bit afraid.

Another day we took a boat and tubes over to Mameigwess Lake and floated down the crystal clear, windy river.  It turned out to be a rainy day and we were getting a bit chilled, but that didn't stop us from running and jumping off the dock into the river when we got back.  Even Reseth came running down in the rain and jumped in to join the fun.

I tried to give Reseth a break and take care of Titus at different times so she could get in on the fun too.  She was going to pick blueberries with the gang and when Titus fell asleep, I rushed her out the door so she could have more time.   Wouldn't you know it... as soon as she left, Titus woke up.  There was  a good bit of crying, but eventually he fell back asleep and I enjoyed cradling that new, precious creation in my arms until Mama returned. 

Aaron is two years old now and such a personality.  He absolutely LOVES singing and dancing and playing instruments.  Cherish brought her keyboard along and Aaron stood right beside her playing and trying to copy her singing.  At times he would run around in circles on the floor, singing at the top of his lungs, worshiping the Lord with all his might..  I just love the spontaneity and freedom of children.  His parents actually bought him an electric drum set because he had such a desire to beat on everything to the music.  He plays them two to three hours a day when they are home.

Can you believe that John took the liberty to paddle in a kayak?   It was nice to see him relax and kick back while the kids were here.  He took Jonathan and his father-in-law fishing on Heathwalt too which was a lot of fun. They came back with enough fish to have us a hearty fish fry.  Yum!

The last few days, Reseth's parents, Joe and Pat Richter, who have a beautiful bed and breakfast in a huge log cabin near Two Harbors, MN came to join in the fun.  There is nothing quite like family reunions and I would say that a good time was had by all!!