Sunday, June 21, 2015

Bringing Home the Beef..... I Mean Fish!

Jason Koskela brought up his seven year old son Wyatt for the first time with him fishing in Canada.  He was pretty pumped when his Dad caught a 38 inch pike.  He got on the radio to his Grandpa in a nearby boat and hollered,  "Grandpa, Dad caught a 38 pound Pike!!"

And his Dad really has learned how to easily catch fish on Indian Lake.  They pulled in not only some trophy pike, but Walleye, Bass and Lake Trout as well.  I believe everyone in his group enjoyed their trip to Canada. 

Super Exciting Catch

Eric Speichinger is flanked by his fishing buddies Max and Brad who were very excited when he snagged this 42 inch pike on Indian Lake.  Earlier in the day they caught and released a 40 inch pike in the same area.  Folks are catching some nice fish not only on Indian but the lakes surrounding us too.  It makes me long to get out fishing with my fishing buddy , Joanna too. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Cabin 7 Renovations Completed

Good news!! We finally completed our biggest renovation project yet at Agimac River Outfitters.  Cabin 7 our only small cabin, had an added on bathroom that was really starting to rot.  John felt it was best to totally tear it down and figure a way to put it inside the cabin itself to prevent heaving during the winter months.  We still wanted to have two bedrooms, so we divided the largest bedroom with a wall, making one side the new bathroom and the other side a small bedroom with a single bed.  The other bedroom has a queen bed and could also have a single bed if needed. 

After John removed the old bathroom, he spent almost a week like a mole, crawling under the cabin, lifting it higher and adding  more solid foundations with blue rock and cement pads.  He also installed a new large window in the living room.   

I helped by painting walls, laying new carpet in the bedrooms and vinyl in the bathroom.  It's a cute as it can be.  Our first couple to rent it, Joe and Ann Winegar said those exact words as well. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Stringer Full

Marvin Skrzypcak and his group brought in a mighty fine catch of Walleye from a nearby lake.  Some of our guests like to land their boats on Indian Lake and stay on it the whole week to fish.  They have learned every nook and cranny of where to find the fish and when is the best time to catch them.   Indian Lake tends to have the largest fish in the area because of its size, but it can also be the hardest to fish because it is clearer than other lakes, which makes it more difficult to fish for Walleye especially.  They bite best in early mornings and evenings.

Others like to explore the ten or more lakes close by that are smaller or shallower and usually darker in color, making it easier to catch Walleyes.  Arethusa, Mitt, Heathwalt and Barrel are some of those lakes.  Great job Marvin group.