Friday, June 28, 2013

A Happy Fisherman

 Just one week ago, Jerry Sauby from Clintonville, Wisconsin stayed with us here at camp.  He had a bit of excitement when he pulled in this 28.5 inch Walleye on Indian Lake.   I think the biggest Walleye I have ever caught was about 25 inches long and that seemed big to me.  I'm so glad we have these big Walleye to keep reproducing the Walleye population here in Indian Lake.  They are not only a beautiful fish to look at, but equally delicious to eat.  Congratulations Jerry!

Walleye Heaven

 Dan and Andy Ausloos and Dave Grabowski stay with us each year and have kindly been treating us to a delicious fish meal in their cabin.  We are usually so busy with projects and upkeep around the camp in May and June that we rarely have time to go fishing ourselves.  So, generally their meal is our first taste of fresh fish for the season.  Yummy!!  

The majority of our guests have told us that they are catching mostly larger walleyes over 20 inches in Indian Lake.  Even though it has been more difficult to find those 18 inches and under, we are so pleased when we hear our guests tell us that they release the larger walleyes so they can keep producing for years to come. 

Dan, Andy and Dave are happy to report again this year that 100% of the walleyes caught over 20 inches long were released for future generations fishing pleasure!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Memories From 2012

Don Larson from Lansing, Iowa and his fishing buddy, Dave Mattice from Wisconsin are staying with us this week at camp.  Don shared with me a few pictures he took of his visit last year to put on our blog for our viewing audience.   There's even a picture of a beautiful field of poppies.  I don't know where that one was taken, but I'd like to see that place in person.  I just love poppies.  It will probably be my wallpaper on the computer some day. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

More Monsters

Jason Koskela along with three brothers, Ryan, Roth and Rory stayed with us at Agimac River Outfitters and had a great week of fishing.  Jason in the first picture is shown with his trophy Northern Pike which is 41.5 inches long caught in Indian Lake.  The second is Jason with a 39 inch pike also on Indian Lake.  Pictures 3 and 5 are the brothers displaying some nice Trout caught in a nearby lake and the fourth picture is Jason with a  trophy size walleye.   A wonderful group of guys with some spectacular fishing.  

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Trophy's Are Coming In

Jeff Aulenbacher, his brothers and his Dad come up every year to stay with us at Agimac River Outfitters.  They are a robust and fun-loving group who are very enjoyable to have in camp.  I do believe this is Jeff's largest Walleye catch ever, which he is displaying beautifully.  I think Walleye's are a really neat looking fish.  Northern Pike are just as tasty as Walleyes but they aren't as nice looking and they are slimy.   Congratulations Jeff on your trophy Walleye!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Oh Happy Day

Dave Ruhbusch was in camp for the first time last week with his wife Deborah.  They came along with Deborah's family members who stay with us quite often.  It was a happy day for Dave to land this 41 inch Northern Pike.  He reeled it in and directed his wife to lift it into the boat by hand which was no small feat.  It would not fit in their landing net.  Deborah donned some gloves and placed her hands behind the gills, afraid she would somehow not perform the duty correctly and lose her husband's trophy.  But she did a great job hoisting the monster into the boat and they went home all smiles.