Thursday, August 18, 2011

Great Fishing - Great Scenery - Great Fun

Agimac River Outfitters in Northwestern Ontario is not only a terrific place to stay for fishing because of all the fantastic surrounding lake choices, but it is also a relaxing, refreshing and fun place to be. It does something for the soul to come upon a cow moose with her little calf, or hear loons echoing their lonely call across the lake. It's thrilling to hook a large fish and play with it till it's landed in the boat. The rapids under the bridge offer another form of fun and excitement as you slide over the rocks on a tube, waves splashing all around you. The interaction with God's creation is stimulating to people in different ways, but all beneficial to our health and well being. These are some pictures of our guests, wildlife in the area and some fun activities here at camp. Come be our guest!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fishing Hot Spot

We belong to several Regional Travel Associations which promote our camp to people in the United States and Canada. When I receive email inquiries from these organizations, I always put as the subject, "Fishing Hot Spot". More and more we realize this phrase truly identifies our area.

We have really enjoyed this year with our wonderful guests who continually encourage us with their kind comments about all the renovations and new projects we are doing to improve the camp and make their stay more enjoyable and exciting. It really does give us such inner satisfaction to make Agimac River Outfitters a peaceful, relaxing vacation destination. To be able to live in such a beautiful area surrounded by multiple lakes to explore is quite a blessing for our family.

The following is a quote from Loren Lamphear whose group stayed here this summer along with some pictures of their catches.

"Here is a summary of what we caught that week.
There were 8 fisherman and we fished 7 days and we caught the following:

Walleye 795, Largest 27"
Northern 95, Largest 38"
Smallmouth Bass 34, Largest 19"

We averaged 132 fish per day and caught many walleyes in the 20-27" range. We fished primarily Big Indian and Middle. We had the best week of fishing since we started coming to Canada in 1973."

Our best advertising is YOU, our guests who spread the word to your friends about Agimac River Outfitters. A big THANK YOU to each of you!