Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Splish Splash

Once the weather warmed up enough for us to actually get in it, Joanna and cousin Holly grabbed their tubes and took a fun ride down the rapids adjacent to our camp.  The water was higher this year than last year so they were able to avoid some underwater rocks.  It provides a bit of a thrill for the thrill seeker. 

Catching Up

The month of August has been filled with visits from wonderful friends from our past and family members.  Usually the weather is warmer, the berries are ready for picking and life at camp is a bit slower paced.  That also means I tend to neglect posting on Our Blog for all you faithful readers.  So, it's time to catch you up on what's been happening around here. 

I've received quite a few pictures from some of our guests displaying their prized catches here at camp.  In this blog, I thought I'd post their pictures so you can see them too. 

The last picture should really excite all you fishing lovers to come and experience the exhilaration of pulling in one of those clams.  I actually had the pleasure of landing one of these rare species.   Like a good conservationist, I threw it back so it could grow bigger and bless another angler in the future.