Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More September Catches

I wish I could follow our guests around on Indian Lake and other lakes to see exactly how and where they fish. What excellent fishermen they are! It's fun to see the big fish they catch. And it pleases me that though they enjoy landing the monsters, they usually throw them back in the lake to produce more fish.

I'm just a novice, but I've learned so much from the different folks that stay here with us at camp. They kindly offer their advice and share their favorite baits and spots with us to help us do well when we fish. Joanna and I try to get out on the lake every now and then, but John hardly ever fishes. He sticks with his responsibilities in running and keeping up the camp and more often prefers to let Joanna and I go out to play.

Pictured here are some trophy walleye caught by Bill Phillipsen and Jim Drinkwater. Also, a nice string of walleyes displayed by Bill and Steve Hummel.
Can anyone figure out to which lake the road in the picture leads?
Clue- It is close to our camp.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

September Fishing is Outasight

Fall is a great time to fish and we had some good fishermen in camp last week to bear out this truth. Steve Mickelson, Jack and Renee Anderson and Donny Tucker all landed some trophy size Northern Pike as well as plenty of walleye. Renee actually caught one of these fish but her husband held the fish for her.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Some Mighty Fine Catches

Jerry Henrich and his great group of guys recently stayed with us at camp. They really hit the jackpot with the large numbers of fish caught in addition to some nice trohpy size fish. One lively member of the group,Skip,accidentally hooked a huge northern pike just playing around with a rattling bass lure. He got it near the boat and it broke his line. He hurriedly rigged another lure, cast in the same direction and caught the monster again. He was determined to land it this time. Tightening the drag a bit to get it to the boat faster, he was getting it closer when the pike suddenly pulled in the opposite direction, straightened out the hooks on the lure and broke free. It was disappointing to lose the fish, but what an exciting experience to have had. The pictures show the whole group together and some of their catches during their stay.
On one particular day at a smaller lake in the area, they came upon a cow and a calf swimming across the lake. They had hoped to see some moose while they were here, but never dreamed it would be on a lake. It amazes me how a moose can swim being as heavy as they are and only hooves to paddle with. Both mama and calf made it across safely.