Saturday, April 9, 2011

Give Me A Break

Actually, we want to give you, our customers, the break. John, Joanna and I have recently been discussing how we can change our rates to assist families with children that want to come to camp. At present, our rate for children is ages 6-11 are half price and under six years of age is free. We have decided to change that to children ages 9-12 are half price and children eight years old and under are FREE. It wasn't so long ago that we had younger children ourselves, so we understand how difficult it is to be able to save enough for vacations. We love families to come stay with us and are always thinking of ways to add special fun activities that would provide enjoyment for them. This year we are adding a volleyball/badminton net, horseshoes and two new campfire rings for folks to relax around and visit with one another. We have future plans for a new, longer dock with an attached sauna.

Even though we don't have a beach area on our river shoreline, there are several beautiful beaches on Indian Lake where guests can have a shore lunch or children can swim and play. Also, John has developed a new hiking trail on the opposite side of the river that leads you to a ridge that overlooks Indian Lake. We plan to build a bench up there to rest and watch the gorgeous sunsets. These are just a few of the ideas we have. Please let us know if you have some thoughts on activities you would enjoy having here as well. We live to serve our wonderful guests.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Deer on Sandbar

Mike Miller, one of our wonderful guests at Agimac River Outfitters got this picture of a deer running out on the sandbar on Indian Lake when he was here last year. He said the deer got 3/4 the way out on the sandbar, then turned and made a mad dash back to shore. It was quite an experience to see it run so fast so far, he said.

Now that winter is reluctantly giving way to spring, we are looking forward to open lakes, fishing, more wildlife and seeing our great guests return.

For those of you who were unable to watch the TV show featuring our Run Silent Dog Sled Trip business, you can now watch it online at Just go to the middle of the page where it talks about watching past shows, click on that and then go down to about the middle of that page to find Run Silent Dog Sled Trips. We've been getting lots of positive feedback about the show. We still can't believe it happened. We thank the Lord constantly for His kindness and goodness to us.