Monday, June 22, 2009

Fish of a Lifetime!

Andy Holtebeck and his nine year old son, Josh, came to Agimac River Outfitters for the first time this June 2009 with a group of friends and family. I just love to see fathers and sons coming together for an adventurous fishing trip. What an opportunity to connect with each other and God's glorious creation!
Josh took the award for the largest fish caught during the week with this monster 46 inch, 33 pound northern pike. His Grandpa Don beside him is holding the heavy fish for the picture. Apparently, he received some helpful coaching from the other veteran fishermen in the boat during the exciting reeling process. Andy calls it the "Fish of a Lifetime".
I bet that one is going up on a wall!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's Got To Be A Record!

The week of May 23-30, the guys in two of our cabins were having their own little fishing contest. On a predetermined day, the one who caught the biggest fish on a three foot, pink, Barbie Doll fishing pole was the winner. Towards evening, Josh Miller landed this 45 inch, 31 pound Northern Pike on 6 lb test line, winning the contest, including a trophy with a Barbie Doll on top and $45. They didn't have a net big enough to land the monster, so Trever Miller, his uncle, grabbed it by the gills and yanked it into the boat. Last year Josh caught a 43 inch Northern Pike on a short pole, which might have been the motivation for the contest this year.

Some Recent Catches on Indian Lake

Tourism Week

Last week Joanna took our best lead dog, Tulsa, with her to the Fort Frances Visitor Center, along with a video demonstrating our winter dogsledding tours. They offered tourist camps an opportunity to advertise their businesses to tourists coming across the border into Canada. It was a fun day for Joanna as she shared with people the excitement of taking a dog sled trip in the beautiful Canadian wilderness. The Fort Frances Times newspaper was there to cover the event and took her picture to put in their paper.