Thursday, June 22, 2017

Something To Boast About

Fishing started off a bit slower this spring, but soon the fish barrels in the cleaning house were getting filled up.  Here are a few of the catches that were sent my way to show you.

Gary Erickson   36 inch Trout

Reid Erickson  38 inch Trout

Matt Grubb

Chris and Matt Grubb

Phil Trzeb  29 inch Walleye

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Extraordiary Circumstances

Last March when Joanna and I were at her last dogsled race of the season, the Copper Dog in Calumet, MI, she felt fortunate to breed her best female leader on the team to a super dog from a top winning kennel in Canada.  The timing seemed to be perfect. 

As she waited in the weeks to come for Viva's belly to begin swelling with puppies, she noticed that nothing was happening and felt very disappointed thinking that she didn't take.  We went on vacation down in the states and she would check with John who was home to see if Viva was getting any bigger.  The answer was always no. 

But when we got home and it was closer to Viva's due date, Joanna did feel some movement in Viva's belly indicating there was at least one puppy in there, hopefully two. 

The due date came and went and still nothing was happening.  Almost a week overdue, Viva finally went into labor.  Joanna was right there on hand in case she needed to assist in any way.

After many hours of labor and nothing happening, Joanna became worried that she wasn't going to be able to deliver and rushed Viva to the vet in Dryden, about two hours away from us.  The vet tried pulling the puppy that was stuck out with a special tool, but was unable to do so.  A cesarean operation had to be performed to get the puppy out because he had grown too big and his shoulders were getting caught in the birth canal.  He was the only puppy in there and that's probably why he grew so big.

We have kept mother and puppy in a dog kennel in the basement just to keep and eye on them and keep Viva's incision clean.  Joanna and I took out the staples a few days ago.  We can hardly believe how big this puppy has gotten in such a short time.  Of course he gets his choice of nipples for sustenance and is truly fat and happy.

Because there was only one puppy, the breeder is giving her another chance to breed her in the future.  Hopefully we will get more than one the next time around.

Our New Grandbaby

Saturday morning we got a wonderful surprise.  Jonathan and Reseth were waiting for their new baby Evemarie, to come into this world.  We knew it had to be soon.  All of a sudden the day arrived and that beautiful little nine pound six ounce girl was born.  She has two adoring brothers, Aaron 6 and Titus 4 who have been looking forward to this day with great anticipation. 

All nine months of the pregnancy, they were repeatedly hugging and kissing her through Mommy's tummy and telling her how much they loved her.  Now they get to hold her on the outside and they are mesmerized by her.  She will be totally surrounded with loving brothers and parents.  What a doll.  I can't wait to hold her in person myself.  There's nothing quite like a newborn baby.  What a miracle life is!!!