Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Evening Out on the Lake

What a fun time I had last night!!  I was visiting with a couple of amiable young chaps yesterday afternoon, who are staying with us here at camp, Joe Winegar and Todd Wanka.  I asked them how the fishing was going and they said it was great.  I'm always full of questions for our guests about how and where to fish so Joanna and I can have better success when we go out together.

All of a sudden they asked me if I would like to go out fishing with them that evening.  It took me by surprise, but before they could change their minds, I said yes, I would love to do that.  I had only been out fishing once this season and not only would I just enjoy getting out on the lake again, but to have such experienced teachers to help me was an added benefit.

At seven pm sharp we headed out.  Joe had already fixed up my fishing rod with a nice swivel and weight to do some trolling.  We tried one point nearby, but it wasn't producing much, so we headed out to another point across the lake and just trolled in about 15 to 20 feet of water.  I felt like we were on a TV show with Joe as our guide explaining what he was doing and why.  Todd even baited my hook to begin with.  I took over that job later so he could be free to fish more himself.

After just a few moments of trolling , I got a solid hit on my line, set the hook and was reeling in a nice size walleye.  It was 20 inches long.  A very nice catch.  I threw it back to catch some eating sizes. As it turned out, Todd caught seven walleyes, I caught six, kept four and Joe caught two I believe.  But Joe also probably hooked the largest one.  We just didn't get to see it because it broke his line.  There is something about feeling that weight on your bent over pole that never ceases to excite me.

Thanks again Joe and Todd for such a wonderful and exciting evening on the lake.  Okay Joanna, let's go gettum now.

Todd and I are shown here and Joe took the picture.

Frolicking in the Rapids

You may wonder what we do up here at the camp besides fishing.  We swim in the fresh, clean water and tube down our rapids under the bridge.  With the loads of rain we received this spring, the water levels on Indian Lake have risen quite well.  That makes for good tubing as well as easier access to the lake up the river.  Believe it or not, there are times when John temporarily stops working around here and takes some time for enjoyment.  With the unusually hot temps we've been having, lots of guests gathered down at the water's edge for some swimming fun.  Youngsters were riding with John through the exciting whitewater with shrills of delight.  It became the highlight of their trip for many of the guests.  We'll have to buy some more tubes for next year, I think.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Newcomers on the Block

Carol Kubat from Albert Lea, MN, joined her brother Don Pittman and other family members to stay at Agimac River Outfitters this last week.  She got a mighty big surprise when this monster Northern Pike grabbed her line.  I believe she took the prize for the largest catch during the week.  She ended up taking it home to mount on the wall.  The pike was 25 pounds and 42 inches long.  I would love to catch a fish that big, but I'm afraid of trying to unhook it and get it in the boat.  I think you need to have some strong men along.

We have so enjoyed getting to know the new guests this year.  Another new family is Mike Lowney, his wife Deb and their son Adam.  On his first morning on the lake, Mike thought he had hit a snag because he couldn't get his line to move.  He soon found out that his snag was a huge Lake Trout.  It was 34 1/2 inches long and over 12 pounds.  The Lowneys are here with some other friends- Clay, Lori , Brian and Brandon Vecchio.  I think they are having fun exploring a new lake.  It's great to have them in camp.