Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sign In

Our guests will notice something new when they come to camp this year. Kara Polyner of Border Country Signs in Ely, MN was the artist who beautifully crafted our logo into a new sign at the entrance of our camp. Nice job, Kara.

Dynamic Duo

Our sweet little puppies are steadily growing. Leia and Vader are having such fun playing together and really have sweet dispositions. Joanna often takes them on walks to help expend all that pent up energy. They are learning what water is like and investigating all parts of the camp. With championship bloodlines, they should prove to become great leaders on Joanna's racing team.

Fishing Fun

John, Joanna and I have been working quite steadily since opening fishing either cleaning cabins or improving the looks of the camp in various ways. Recently we had a friend from Ely come to visit for a few days, so we gave ourselves permission to put a hold on the work schedule and have some fishing fun ourselves. John graciously held down the fort allowing us girls some time to relax and get out on the water. The weather was perfect and we caught plenty of fish as we enjoyed each others company.

While we sat in our boat one evening on Indian Lake, I was thinking about a comment one of our guests made. He said even though the spring fishing is great, the fall fishing is possibly his favorite. It's not nearly so crowded and you get a lot more sleep. When fishing the clearer lakes, you need to fish early before sunup and after the sun goes down, which is quite late in the spring. But in the fall the sun comes up later and goes down earlier. So, I think I agree with him- fall is a good time to fish.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Gorgeous Sunset

About a week ago, we had a very beautiful sunset here at Agimac River. Joanna went out to take some photographs of it with her camera and we received another picture on the same day from one of our guests on the lake.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Deer in Distress

Some recent guests were fishing on Indian Lake when they saw a strange sight. A deer was swimming across a large expanse of water which was about 100 feet deep. It surprised Scott Skrzypcak and his son Tyler who happened to have a camera on hand to record the event.
You can see the progression of the tale in the series of pictures above.
In the first picture you see Tyler on the right watching the deer crossing the lake. In the second picture, the deer is nearing land, but unfortunately, it is a rock wall. They are wondering how he is ever going to get out of the lake. In the third picture, in the center of the picture, you can see some splashing. He is trying hard to get up on the rocks and onto higher ground. In the fourth picture, he finally made it up out of the water and to safety. They figured there must have been some wolves after it to make it flee in such a way. It is quite unusual to even see deer around here, because we tend to have a higher Moose population in this area. What an interesting experience to add to the fishing fun.

Make My Day

Gerald Weaver of Park Rapids,MN (top picture on left)came across some pretty good sized Lake Trout yesterday. He caught all three weighing 9,12 and 15 pounds. With a big smile on his face, he told John that it made his day.
Gerald's Dad, Jim Weaver, and other relatives are also staying here at camp. In fact there are four generations of Weavers here. Jim is 89 years old and has been coming up to this area to fish for many years. Apparently he caught his limit of Walleye right away on his first day of fishing before anyone else got their limit. Jim's grandsons Jason and Greg and his children got some nice catches too.
Sonya and Bucky, pictured with a walleye and Northern Pike, are also from Gerald's group.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Latest Food Update

I just heard from a fellow Ontario camp owner that it is now permissible for tourists coming across the border to bring potatoes with them. I called Canadian Customs myself just to validate the story. It is true. Each person is allowed to bring up to 10 pounds of U.S. grown potatoes that are commercially bagged. So the ban has been lifted. I thought that might be of interest to some people.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's a Tie

Who has reeled in the longest Northern Pike so far this year at Agimac River Outfitters? Well, it's a tie between Aaron Casetta and Gary Ziegler. They both had quite a time wrestling with these monsters to finally tire them and land them in the boat. Aaron's weighed in at 25 pounds and Gary's was 20 pounds. Needless to say, they were both pretty happy campers and went home with some mighty big fish stories to tell. Aaron is in the top picture, Gary in the second picture and a group shot with Gary's Pike in the bottom picture.