Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Loony Loon

While our grown children were here visiting us at the camp last week, we went out in our 18 foot runabout for the first time since we moved here. We had not had a chance to see all of Indian Lake being so busy at the camp. We zoomed all over, taking in the varied beauty of the majestic rock walls, the hills and islands. On our way back to the camp, we came across a delegation of loons, numbering around thirty. I'd never seen so many loons together at one time. We stopped and turned off the motor, so we could watch them. I do this funny little call trying to mimick the laughing loon. I put out my call hoping to get a response from some of the delegation. A few of the loons came closer to the boat to get a better look at this weird looking loon. Seconds later we heard a splash along side the boat and up popped a loon. It was only about three feet away. They have got to be one of the most striking birds with their tuxedo colors and bright rings around their necks. I kept doing my laughing loon call to see what would happen next. The loon dove under water and swam under the boat. We could see him so well in the clear water. What a sight. He popped up on the other side of the boat and swam under the boat several times. It was a delightful spectacle. We were glad we stopped for a visit.

The Walleye Duet

Our daughter-in-law Reseth went fishing with her Dad on Indian Lake and they each caught some real winners. Reseth's walleye was 25 inches and Joe's walleye was 27 inches. I think it made their day.

Shooting the Rapids

Since we've resided at Agimac River Outfitters, I have had a hidden desire to shoot the rapids under the bridge on an inner tube. But it seemed that it might be a bit dangerous to maneuver down the rushing water, avoiding rocks beneath the surface. Along comes our son and his wife from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He too thought it would be a thrill to shoot the rapids. After carefully studying the path of the water to make sure it was safe, he donned a life jacket, paddled his tube from the boat landing to the beginning of the rapids and bounced on down the rapids with a big smile on his face. When he made it look so easy, the rest of us jumped on our tubes and took our turn too.

Cole's Catch

Ken Klewicki brought a group of men with him to stay with us at Agimac River Outfitters. Among the group was a young man, Ken's grandson, Cole. This is a picture of Grandpa Ken and Cole with a 29 inch Walleye that Cole caught on Indian Lake.
It's great to see the little guys bringing in the big ones.

The Lazy River

Our son Jonathan and his wife Reseth recently came to visit us from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where they are stationed in the Air Force at Tinker Air Force Base. Cherish, our daughter, who lives in Ely, MN came to visit us at the same time so that all our children were here together. Joanna lives here with us at the camp and helps with the dogs for dogsled adventures. What a wonderful time was had by all. We found exciting adventures to take part in every day.
On one warm, sunny day we ventured out on Indian Lake with two boats and some tubes. We made our way through the chain of lakes and rivers to Mameigwess Lake. The river just before entering Mameigwess is absolutely beautiful- crystal clear water, sandy bottom with a good current. The first time I went through there, I thought to myself how fun it would be to bring our children back there and float down that river. So, that's just what we did. We jumped out of the boat, hopped onto our tubes and floated down what we now call "the lazy river". We felt like we were in paradise- perfect weather, gorgeous scenery, wonderful company.