Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Monster Lake Trout

Steven Allick and his family have camped here at Agimac for close to two weeks every year. This year his brother caught two nice Lake Trout, about 12 pounds each. Not to be outdone, Steven just caught an 18 pound, 35 inch Lake Trout yesterday on Indian Lake. In fact, this week Steven has caught every kind of fish in Indian Lake including Lake Trout, Walleye, Pike, White fish and Perch. He's quite the advertisement for fishing on Indian Lake.

A Visit With The Larson Family

My niece and her family came up last week to spend some time vacationing with us. She and her husband have four very special young children and we had fun hiking to an overlook on Indian Lake, roasting hot dogs and marshmellows over a campfire, and lots of fishing. In fact, one night I took Adam and his eight year old daughter Heidi to my favorite fishing spot on Indian Lake and in a short time we caught 7 nice keepers for Walleye. Heidi was the Walleye queen of the evening. It seemed like her pole was constantly bent over double as she struggled to reel in one fish after the other. One was 20 inches. Adam and I were trying to figure out why she was catching so many more than we were because we all had on jigheads and were fishing from the same side of the boat. We figured it must be that she was singing. So Adam and I started making up songs hoping the fish would like our hooks as well.... all to no avail. Ha. Even though they left a day early due to motor failure, I think a good time was had by all.