Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Training Run

Yesterday John asked if I'd like to ride along with him on the snowmobile while he followed Joanna on a training run before her big race this weekend.  He said the woods were stunningly beautiful with all the snow hanging heavily in the trees.  So, I grabbed my camera and lots of warm clothes as it was a frigid 10 below zero with a wind chill.  That's why Joanna's face is all covered up.  Part of the way I turned around backwards so that when we were in front of Joanna and the team, I could snap a few shots to give a different view.  We went on a trail in the woods where the trees are closer in and it was gorgeous.  Then we circled around and came back on Indian Lake and along Agimac River.  The river was partially open and with the cold weather, steam was rising up.  On the last picture, some snow fell from a tree hitting the lead dogs on the team.  They looked stunned like we had thrown it on them.  Dogs can get funny ideas in their heads.   Today, we are packing and ready to head out the door and on the road to Calumet, Michigan for the Copper Dog Race.  Joanna has never done this race before, but it has become quite popular in the U.S.  It looks like most all the toughest competition in the lower 48 will be there.  Should be interesting.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Snow, Snow and more SNOW!

What a winter this has been for us and I'm sure a lot of our guests who live in northern United States.  John said yesterday morning that his working hours have been longer during this winter than our usual summer fishing season hours.  He has plowed our 325 road non stop with snowbanks higher than ever.  Plus he has plowed and shoveled around our camp and in the dog yard all winter long.  Then there are all the snowmobile trails that he has to keep open and groomed for Joanna's training runs with the dogs.  He comes in dog tired every evening.

We have enjoyed the beauty of the snow laden trees to be sure, but I think we are all ready for a good dose of warm weather and spring.  There are lots of projects awaiting our attention and we can hardly wait to dig into them.

Joanna and I returned last week from Marquette, MI where she participated in the Midnight Run Dog Sled Race.  It was quite a challenging experience for her and the dogs this year with soupy trails and a longer trail that wasn't as exciting as previous years.  But with some stiff competition, she still placed 8th which was good.  She said the dogs weren't as fired up as they were for her first race in Northome, MN.  We will be leaving this Wednesday for Calumet, MI just north of Marquette, for the Copper Dog Race.  We have never been to this one before, but have been told it is a very exciting , well -run race with the whole town getting involved.  It looks like there will be racers from out west coming to the event which makes the competition a lot tougher.  It will be fun to see how our dogs can do in comparison to these other great teams.

Joanna and I, Sabre and Scarlett decided to snowshoe up to the overlook of Indian Lake yesterday.  The snow was about two feet deeper than the last time we hiked that trail.  Thought you might enjoy looking at some of our pictures.  I took a brief video clip of Scarlett trying to run in the woods off the trail.  There were moments when we couldn't see her head, then she'd pop up again.  It's a great way to exercise her and expend some of her energy.  Also, I captured some shots of our snowbanks to give you an idea of how much snow we've gotten this year.

John just came back from packing the trails for about 28 miles in the bush.  He looks like the indomitable snowman, covered head to foot with swirling snow.