Thursday, September 10, 2015

Birthday Fun

It's that time of year again when I turn another year older.  Even though I'm now 64, I still think of myself as being somewhere in the early 30's range in my mind for some strange reason.  However, my body lets me know my age after a hard day's work at camp. 

What a wonderful, relaxing, refreshing birthday I had this year.  It happened to fall on a Sunday which was a good thing because we try to abstain from doing much work on the Lord's day.  It started out being dark and cloudy, but by early afternoon the sun came out and it was downright warm in the low 80's.  

John suggested the three of us go out on the pontoon boat for a little fun.  Joanna brought Scarlette along too for the ride.  After putting up the river to the lake, we headed for the islands and landed at beautiful beach for a potty break. 

Heading out again, I climbed up on a cozy, comfortable seat, laying on my back and gazing at the interesting cloud formations, nearly falling asleep with the warmth of the sun soaking into my body and listening to the soft drone of the motor. 

For supper we barbecued some mouth watering steaks and topped the meal off with pumpkin cake and mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate sauce on top.  Decadent,  I know.  But soooo tasty.

Tomorrow, I'm heading to Thunder Bay with a friend from Ignace to fly to Israel for a two week prayer conference.  We're both very excited looking forward to this great adventure.  You'll see some pictures from the trip upon my return.