Saturday, August 26, 2017

What A Blast

Had our good friend Chris Moroni up from Ely for a little visit and got into some hot fishing. Joanna and I took her to our favorite spot on Indian Lake for a few hours one evening. The smallmouth Bass were frantically feeding all around us , breaking water like sharks. We each put on a fluke and before you know it we were each reeling in some 18 inchers. They are so much fun to catch. We were whooping and hollering the whole time. Then , we decided to turn to Walleye fishing. Joanna and I took turns catching some and throwing the smaller ones back. In the meantime, our friend Chris hadn't caught a thing. Then all of a sudden her fishing pole bent over double and she was reeling hard. Before too long she brought up a 25 inch Walleye. What a beauty!!! She was overwhelmed with joy at her catch and had to take it home for a feast with friends.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Fishing Trophies

Some pictures of our wonderful guests and the fish they have caught this summer. In fact for the last three weeks, the fishing has been super fantastic. Everyone I talk to is amazed at how good it has been. That's what we like to hear.

Fun with Family and Friends

What a fantastic, fun time we had the past few weeks with special friends and family who came to stay with us at camp.

First Steve and Kellie Henderson, their precious children, and Kim, Kellie's twin sister came to stay a few days with us. The weather was great and we played and sang and swam and laughed and laughed and laughed together. They are quite the musical family as they all play instruments on the Praise and Worship team which Steve leads at our church in Dryden.

Following them, our daughter Cherish and her husband Patrick came for a week of fun and frolic. It was most enjoyable to have them all to ourselves. Such a terrific couple who are still on their honeymoon. They say it will last their entire lives. :) Cherish is 8 months pregnant with their first child which is a boy. I will soon be deploying to their household to help upon his arrival to my great pleasure.

Being 8 months pregnant didn't slow Cherish down very much. She and Patrick went on a 12 mile four wheeler ride up a gravel road nearby, she went canoeing with me on the lake, she and Patrick and Joanna and I went fishing all day on a nearby lake , catching 23 fish, mostly Walleye, we all went on the pontoon boat, swimming and did a bit of blueberry picking. Time goes too fast. Wish we could keep them longer.

Now we are looking forward to the arrival early September of our son Jonathan , his wife, Reseth and three adorable grandchildren, Aaron, Titus and newly born Evemarie. It will be our first meeting of Evemarie. Can't wait.

Beauty of God's Creations

God's promise in a rainbow and enjoying the beauty of His creation in flowers. It's been a good year to grow flowers, vegetables and new grass as it rained almost every day for the first two months of summer.

We're Rocking Here at Camp

We decided that we needed to move the rock retaining wall by cabins 8 and 9 back into the bank by about 4 feet to make more room for parking so vehicles parked there would not be so close to the road. What a job!!

John used the backhoe to gather up all the old rocks from the previous wall and dump them in a pile at the back end of the camp. He then used the bucket to dig into the bank and then scoop up four feet deep of soil.

After angling it and raking it smooth, we laid down landscaping cloth to prevent grass and weeds from growing through the rocks.

The final stage was the most back breaking and time consuming. John brought down bucket load so new rocks and laid them in piles along the wall. Then my brother Rick, Joanna, John and I hand placed every single rock to finish the wall. So thankful that one is checked off the list!!
Recently John used the backhoe to bring down more blue rock to cover the exposed gravel. It looks so nice.