Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our Chilluns Came Home

It's always the highlight of our summer when our children are all home together with us. We are privileged to have Joanna live with us at camp year round and join in the work and fun of our life here. Cherish, lives in Ely,MN and tries to make a trip up here three to four times a year. Jonathan and Reseth live in Oklahoma City,OK where Jonathan is serving in the Air Force. They only make it up here once or twice a year. This year, Reseth brought along one of her nephews, Nolan, for his first visit to Canada. So, to get all three siblings together is a rare and wonderful experience. Our children are our richest treasures on earth and we immensely enjoy being with them and watching them interact with each other.
Thankfully, the weather cooperated so that we could partake in outdoor activities like tubing down the "Lazy River" near Mamieguess Lake, swim in the lakes, tube down the rapids at camp, fish in different lakes and do some four wheeling on the many logging roads.
In the following posts you will see pictures that captured some memories of our times together, beginning with the fishing.

Tubing the Agimac River Rapids

Beautiful Cloud Pictures by Joanna Oberg

Beautiful Scenery Pictures by Reseth Oberg

Thursday, August 19, 2010

No Eggs From USA

There has been a recent ban on eggs coming into Canada from the U.S. because of the Salmonella poisoning that has become quite extensive. We wanted to give our guests a heads up about that in case they were thinking of bringing eggs with them on their trip. You will need to purchase them in Canada for now.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fun Family Time

My Dad, Francis Jackson, my brother, Rick Jackson and a close family friend, Joey Floyd joined us here at the camp this last week. They are from North Carolina and Georgia. My 85 year old Dad is an outdoors man and was really interested in our Canadian venture with the fishing camp. I knew he wanted to come up to see it in person, but maybe thought it would be too difficult for him at his age. I knew he could do it and it would be a great adventure for him. So, my brother Rick offered to bring him up, for which I was extremely grateful.
They arrived Tuesday at the Thunder Bay airport where I picked them up and brought them back to camp. We fished and fished and ate and fished. Dad did very well, catching the most fish both times he went out with us. We have a wide flat bottom boat which was very stable and wide enough to sit Dad in a lawn chair in the front. Joanna was in the middle and kindly put bait on Grandpa's line every time he needed some.
Dad kept telling John and me how impressed he was with our operation. He just couldn't get over all that had been accomplished and all that we did in the day to day maintenance. All of them were very encouraging and we had five fun filled days together.
The pictures above show Joey with some nice smallmouth bass he caught. Joey was the king of the smallmouth. Then Rick with a trophy size walleye that put up a good fight. He really enjoyed bringing it in and then he released it. The fourth picture shows my Dad with just a few of his catch.