Thursday, July 21, 2011

Outstanding Wildlife

Not long ago on of our guests, Tony Kornfeind, emailed me a picture of a wolf that was swimming across a lake. He was able to get quite close to the wolf and get a fabulous shot. I don't think I've ever seen a swimming wolf, but of course most dogs swim, so I guess wolves can too. We also got a picture of a young bull moose from another guest.
A couple of weeks ago Joanna and I were going up the river to the lake to do a little fishing and we saw a Mama Moose and a little calf swimming by the shore. I immediately stopped the motor hoping to watch them for a bit. The calf's head was barely above water as he splashed about. The Cow soon caught a whiff of our scent and climbed up the riverbank hurrying into the woods. The little one followed. What a joy it is to see wildlife like that!

The last two shots are Bill Phillipsen with a nice Lake Trout and a Smallmouth Bass.
Fishing has been super on all the lakes. I can't wait to get out there myself.