Friday, December 20, 2013


While Jonathan was away on business, Reseth decided to pack up their two sons and dog to head north from Omaha, NE, first to her folks place near Two Harbors, MN and then up to our camp the end of November.  Trying to keep up to a two year old and care for a four month old baby was wearing her out and she desperately needed some rest.  We sure enjoy spending time with them and it makes the time go faster for her to be with others while Jonathan is away. 

Joanna and I drove to the Pigeon River border crossing on the North Shore of Lake Superior to pick her up so she wouldn't have to drive those four hours alone on the deserted stretch of Hwy 17 to Ignace.  Our 325 Road had about 8 inches of fresh snow as well making it impossible to drive except in a four wheel drive vehicle.  Our dump/plow truck had been in town waiting to be repaired for over two months and we were getting a bit nervous about the snow conditions, hoping we wouldn't get anymore until we got our plow truck back.

Several days after we brought Reseth and the boys up to see us, we were able to bring the plow truck home, which was a good thing, because we got two feet of fresh snow a day later.  That was close!!

Our days were filled with fun and laughter and lots of activity.  Aaron got some exercise by running laps around the circle of our living room to the office to the kitchen and back to the living room.  He had to have someone run with him, so Joanna and I took turns.  We have a chin up bar as you go down the stairs to the basement that John and Joanna use to do pull ups.  I can't do any, so I just use it to hang and stretch my back.  Aaron saw me walking down the stairs one day and he said, " Grandma, do your hang ups."

Our children wanted us to keep the rocking horse they rode when they were children so their children could some day use it.  Up came "Silver"  from the basement, along with my small trampoline.  That Aaron really is in shape.  He spent a lot of time riding and bouncing.  Aaron got a snowmobile ride with Grandpa and even rode in his plow truck while moving snow around the camp.  He would tell Grandpa when to put the wing down and up.  Then he fell asleep.

Four month old Titus is such a sweet, happy baby.  He is fascinated with his lips and tongue as he is constantly sucking on his lips and rolling his tongue around.  Once while Reseth was holding him, I noticed he started pooching out his lips while looking at the top of one of our dining chairs.  The closer he got to it, the more he pooched his lips.  I captured that on a video and laugh every time I watch it.

Just as Reseth was planning to leave to go back her parent's home, we got another dump of snow and the Two Harbors, MN area got a record 42 inches.  It took them a few days to open up roads, so we were able to keep our chilluns a few days longer.