Thursday, August 30, 2018

Dances With Wolves

Kevin Costner doesn't have anything over my husband, John. He was dancing with a wolf in our dogyard yesterday afternoon. Our daughter Joanna details the account....

"First time ever for finding a WOLF in our fenced in dog yard this afternoon!!!! My mom and I were in the basement sewing so didn't hear what happened til it was all over. My dad heard the dogs sounding off like crazy so went to check things out... finds a wolf laying in our dog yard chewing on a bone! He must have taken it from a nearby dog, which would have been one of my main older leaders Vader... (we give the dogs raw beef leg/knuckle bones throughout the summer, then we haul the old bones to our dump 3 miles away) all the dogs were going nuts except the ones closest to the wolf were quiet and still... my dad didn't want to leave to go get his gun in case it decided to go after one of the dogs so instead he tried to "herd" it out of the dog yard. He was trying to steer it away from the dogs and back towards the upper gate where it must have crawled under. With a new nickname of "dances with wolf" it ended up being a bit of a chase around the dog yard with the wolf bouncing off the fence and was in close proximity to several dogs, one of which was my other main leader! Thank goodness the wolf was more concerned about getting away from the human than attacking any dogs... finally my dad was able to herd him out the gate he was able to open... wew talk about a close call.... Dogs had a busy day with their first run of the season this morning, then a wolf running around the yard..."

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