Saturday, August 26, 2017

What A Blast

Had our good friend Chris Moroni up from Ely for a little visit and got into some hot fishing. Joanna and I took her to our favorite spot on Indian Lake for a few hours one evening. The smallmouth Bass were frantically feeding all around us , breaking water like sharks. We each put on a fluke and before you know it we were each reeling in some 18 inchers. They are so much fun to catch. We were whooping and hollering the whole time. Then , we decided to turn to Walleye fishing. Joanna and I took turns catching some and throwing the smaller ones back. In the meantime, our friend Chris hadn't caught a thing. Then all of a sudden her fishing pole bent over double and she was reeling hard. Before too long she brought up a 25 inch Walleye. What a beauty!!! She was overwhelmed with joy at her catch and had to take it home for a feast with friends.

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